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How a Salesforce user group changed life of these 3 students

You all are aware how I started Bikaner Salesforce Students Group ( formerly known as India Students Salesforce Developer User Group), which was the first Student’s user group in India and my main source of self study which made me self tech myself salesforce and then helped others do the same.

This all started in 2012 after attending the India tour and then this group changed my life which included landing my first job offer and then writing my two books on salesforce and the success continued and you might have seen my success story in this TED talk -> Life’s New Syllabus . Since then I have been organizing meetups from 2012.

Bikaner is north western India’s small town where we used to get 5,10 or sometimes 20 students attending our meetup from 5 different Engineering colleges in the area.

Since 2012 I met variety of students and few salesforce professionals in this user group’s meetups. Every year mostly 1 or 2 students used to stay touch with me and get help and passed out certifications and landed jobs in near by areas mainly Jaipur.

But this year was great! This year 3 students made out to become salesforce developer and this was not possible without help of Developer Relations Team.

One year back three students came to me asking for help to learn Salesforce just after attending our June 2016 Meetup. These all seemed to me very excited to learn this new tech but they had some constraints –

1. Poor knowledge of English as a Language ( as they all were from Hindi medium schools).
2. Poor financial background ( they all were from remote towns of Rajasthan state and had educational loan on them to pay off).
3. Pressure of getting a job ( since they were doing engineering studies on loan it was essential for them to get job right after the college is over ).
4. Communication Skills.

Looking at their excitement and question they were asking about I decided to ask them for commitment to attend each meetup I organized thereafter and a 40 minutes morning google hangout every weekday. It was time of emerging 4G internet in India and luckly they got free internet access. They used to gather at one place and use one hotspot which they bought by each other’s help.

This is what we started doing in daily google hangouts at 7 AM –

1. Reading an english newspaper daily and coming out with new words they discover each day for the first 20 minutes of the call.
2. Salesforce topics dicussion and learning.
3. Assignment for the next day.

We continued the above pattern for first 3 months and then introduced trailhead at the place of assignments.

For the very first weeks everything seemed to be impossible as english was really really bad. But soon after 3 months things started working. They were doing great on the configuration side.

With each meetup they used to present and teach other students and their confidence started building up.

Photos from July and August 2016 meetup –

Soon after 6 months they were doing some basic visualforce and apex this was something they never thought.

Days passed and they now started giving presentation in their college and this was something taking them away from other students ( they out of the crowd of ordinary students).

Last year the college placement was low and it was a strong prediction for current year too, they were afraid of not getting job this year but I asked them to focus on what we are doing in assignments and trailhead.

Look at the photos soon after one year they were teaching other in the same User Group meeting –

And now I am proud to announce that all 3 students got job. This was not possible without their hardwork and dedication.

Here are some details of these students-

1. Surendra Bishnoi from Bhinmal,Rajasthan, India got job in VersatileCapitalist Software Inc. – Jaipur, India
2. Omprakash Saini from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India got job in Kcloud Technologies – Faridabad, India
3. Yogeshwar Tailor from Sikar, Rajasthan got job in C Centric Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Bengaluru, India

This year I plan to help atleast 3 more students to develop their career on top of

I would really like to thank Developer Relation Team which always helped us.

JDF 17 Session Resources: Publishing your app on appexchange.

Resource Page for Jaipur Developer Festival session Publishing your app on Appexchange

Link to slide deck Publishing your app on Appexchange – Sagar Pareek

1. Storing Secrets –

What is it? : Sensitive data is exposed to user.
Remedy: Use protected custom settings.

Create custom settings with private as visibility.
Name it App Custom Settings.
Make sure setting type is List.

Create a custom object named Integration Setting
Name field should be of Auto Number ( I-{00000} )
Create 3 custom fields
Endpoint URL

Trigger Code –

/* Created By: Sagar Pareek
   Description: This trigger replaces the password with asteriks and saves the password in protected custom settings mapped with username.


trigger IntegrationSettings on Integration_Settings__c (before insert, before update) {
    if (trigger.isBefore){
     //  Map to be checked against for the existence of a Custom Setting for a User
     map userToCustomSetting = new map();
     //  Lists for new, updated, and existing settings.
     list newSettings = new list();
     list updateSettings = new list();
     list existingSettings = [SELECT  Id, Name, Password__c FROM   App_Custom_Settings__c ORDER BY  CreatedDate LIMIT   25];  
     list validApplicationSettings = new list();
        //  Populate the map based on the above query's results - keyed by the Username (name contains username)               
     if (!existingSettings.isEmpty()){
      for (App_Custom_Settings__c s : existingSettings){
        for (Integration_Settings__c  stg :{
            if (stg.Password__c != null && stg.Password__c  != '' ){
             //  Inserts are easier - as long as the Password was provided, we'll add it
                if (trigger.isInsert)
             //  We'll make sure the old and new Password values don't match and aren't udpated to the "masked" value
                else if (trigger.isUpdate)
              if (stg.Password__c != '********' && stg.Password__c != trigger.oldMap.get(
        if (!validApplicationSettings.isEmpty()){
            for (Integration_Settings__c  stg : validApplicationSettings){
                //  Do any Custom Settings exist for this User?  If so, update.  Otherwise, create.
                if (userToCustomSetting.containsKey(stg.Username__c)){
                    userToCustomSetting.get(stg.Username__c).Password__c = stg.Password__c;
                    newSettings.add(new App_Custom_Settings__c(Name = stg.Username__c, Password__c = stg.Password__c));
                //  Replace the Password
                stg.Password__c = '********';
            //  Do inserts and updates
            if (!newSettings.isEmpty())
                insert newSettings;
            if (!updateSettings.isEmpty())
                update userToCustomSetting.values();

Security Scanner Link Security Scan Report

Link to security scan report

ZAP tutorial

Sample ZAP Report

ZAP Report Link

Reporting False Positives in ZAP report

Link to False positive documentation

On Passing your review –

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.57.43 PM

Just in 5 points. Why you should attend Dreamforce?

So here I am. Two year ago I started learning Salesforce in my college days and I was introduced to a grand event called Dreamforce at that time i used to watch live stream of keynotes. Since then It was one of my dreams to attend Dreamforce.

After a deep patience of 2 years , this year I am going to Dreamforce ! Yes ¬†just after completing a one in Industry[Thanks to my employer for considering me ūüôā ] .

Here through this blog post I am going to share my views just in 5 points . Why you should attend Dreamforce?

So let me start :

1, You will get to learn new things, choose your path if you are a developer then go for developer sessions and if you are more on admin side do attend the administrative sessions.

This time i have decided to give large part of my time to developer sessions, if you are looking to learn more and enhance your skills just look at these sessions   

2. The Keynotes , attend these to get idea about the vision and new products of Salesforce.

3. Meet your clients and far  friends that are generally at other side of your machine and have fun .:)

4.Its a great time to get trained and certified. Salesforce provides huge discounts on training and certification.

5.Attend cloud expo,get your hands on all the Salesforce products and solutions. You can interact with Salesforce products firsthand and hear success stories shared by customers. Stop by and check out the latest features, connected devices, and interactive demos.

 See you soon at Dreamforce !

Why Salesforce1 week matters for Students in India?


Salesforce1 week is series of events that is going to take place around the world from 27 April to 3 May.In this week Students and Developers in India will get a chance to be Introduced to the new platform “Salesforce1” by which was announced last year in Dreamforce’13 .In India, students hardly get chance to learn mobile platform development as it needs high investment of time and money along with¬† regular studies.

If you are a student or a fresh developer who is hungry to  learn mobile development, Salesforce1 week is for you. Salesforce1 enables you to build mobile apps faster by using  JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS knowledge without worrying about the front end at all ! . Yes! mobile development without knowledge of Objective-C or Android SDK. Just log-in and start developing in the all new cloud platform.

If you have some experience on Apex or Visualforce or tried it as a experiment in your college to build an app that will add into this as Salesforce1 platform is backed with Platform.

If you want to take a hand-on look over Salesforce1, it  is near you! just register  for the nearest local developer user group here :


If you are Student in India and willing to participate just join us  in Bikaner(Rajasthan).

Salesforce1 Developer Week Comes for Students in India

Saturday, May 3, 2014, 2:00 PM

Acme Embedded Technologies
3/503 Mukta Prasad Nagar Bikaner, IN

34 Students Went

Join us for Salesforce1 Developer Week! This is a global event where Salesforce Developer Groups across the world will be meeting to talk Salesforce1. We are proud to be part of the 1.5 Million developers in the Salesforce Developer Community and are celebrating by taking part in Salesforce1 Developer Week on 3 May 2014. Join us for a hands-on look…

Check out this Meetup →

Don’t forget to grab a T-Shirt(while supplies last).We will have new books and swag for you and plenty of resources for you to work on your very first Salesforce1 app.

See you soon !




Workshop in my college.

As part of amazing journey with salesforce,this was another great experience that i had this month. I  got some job offers ( I was on the first rank in each recruitment)  and college faculty was asking to teach some things that i had learned of my own  and share them with my juniors. Plus i got some requests from colleges from Jaipur to organize workshop in their college on salesforce. As college annual function and technical event was approaching

I was asked to co-ordinate workshops.

So i decided to organise following workshops in my college:

1. Salesforce Platform Workshop (With workbook exercises). 

2.A cyber security workshop( to share some tips and tricks they call it “Hacking” and i won’t).

3.A website designing workshop for the juniors to make some cool websites  on php.

From the above the three highest strength was in first one and about 150 students were there. Believe it or not, labs were going to be full , so decision was take to broke down it into 3 days workshop. Finally as i was sure those 3 days were exciting.¬†Beginning from 2nd March to 4th March ,everyone there experienced those things they never thought off ! .Gave them about 2 hours of declarative side hands on time and distributed the workbooks and cheatsheets for the home-work task ūüėČ Followed up by a Q/A session on 7 and 8th March based on workbook exercises.

Starting up from the intro to the platform to the deep diving i included everything that i can explain them .Thanks to Mr.Rakesh Kumar as he was there to take the remote session via google hangout.

The following was the outcome of the workshop :
1.A group of students (70) agreed to join the user group, they will attend meetings.
2.My story set an inspiration to all and was highly appreciated.
3.I found 60% students actually want to work on this platform.
I hope now they will do their summer training on this platform ūüôā and that will add into their career.
I would like to thank:

Kavindra Patel (@kavindrapatel)

April Kyle Nassi (@thisisnotapril)

Rakesh Kumar (@rakeshistom)


User Group Interaction at Agnito Technical Festival : Engineering Colllege Bikaner

After Students User Group Successful ¬†Inaugural Meetup¬†,Everyone came to know something is going on in the City. It was one of the first technical meetup ever organised for any developer platform or community. It was 7th of October morning i was preparing for the Inaugural¬†meetup and i was informed that i have to speak at “Agnito 2012” ¬†Technical Festival at Government Engineering College Bikaner ¬†on 13 October. It was a great¬†opportunity as this college ranks #3 in Rajasthan State and recognized as center of Bright Minds, yes to mention here my friend ,inspiration and our MVP Mr.Ankit Arora belongs to the same college .When I informed Ankit ,he was extremely happy and excited to come here and wanted to be a part of this but unfortunately he got some work there in Jaipur ¬†but he did his part he motivated me to give my best .

On the day i was there in the festival there were various technical speakers, all with different topics but everything was the same as the previous year festival topics like open source ,c programming,robotics,robo soccer competition ,making use of some ordinary desktop applications .

But there was something new ,that was a “hot topic” and ¬†it was “Cloud Computing” by “India Salesforce Platform Students Developer User Group”¬† . ¬†We had maximum registrations in the whole event ,but i knew that majority of the students will be from First year and only they know about c programming and some basic knowledge about computers.It was going to be tough this time i knew that .

I started up with the introduction of the Developer User Group as “Why we are here?” and how they can be part of it . ¬† Then i proceeded towards “what are clouds ? then how clouds are different from desktop applications.Giving them basic glimpse of what “social enterprise “is about. For this i took some simple examples of facebook (not twitter as majority of students had facebook account only)and how they share on it with friends ,i linked it ¬†! and yes the students were getting it.

I discussed about how everything is going to be in clouds in next few years and it was exciting ! they had many questions i answered ! . The major question was about the cloud and the career opportunities  ,for that we had salary comparison and growth factor discussion , i gave them some examples of my friends working on  the platform.

As i was allocated limited time of one hour ,At last i came on to the basic functionality of salesforce and platform it works and gave overview how they can build their own applications on it.

A very special thanks to backbone of this user group:

Kavindra Patel (@kavindrapatel)


April Kyle Nassi (@thisisnotapril)

Our Inaugural Meetup

First of all thanks to all the developers and students of Bikaner and nearby areas for attending and making this meetup successful .

This all happened in the meetup :

Sagar started up with the intro to the meetups why salesforce is giving chance to the developers to meet and create the growing environment. How it is beneficial for the students as they are the next generation developers and how they can push their expertise or knowledge into the clouds. Sagar explained about the changing scenarios how more then 60% of the organizations are going to be on clouds in next coming 5 to 6 years. He explained by comparing the ordinary apps with salesforce apps .He explained the basic difference between traditional database based applications and applications based on social enterprise database. He gave basic idea of the building blocks of the development environment.

Pankaj started up with benefits of cloud computing then with “why only salesforce ? “. He gave a good example how students can elevate their career in clouds.
And why salesforce is best option for them to learn. He discussed about the how a student can make progress by using the concepts they learn in their student life.
He mentioned various resources from one can easily learn about the platform .He gave demo of an app how things are getting done on the platform. He compared the time taken to perform certain tasks on other platforms and same with platform and students were amazed to see the time they can save.

In the break students enjoyed the refreshment and they were discussing about the new things they learned.

Ankit shared his journey of becoming a MVP . He shared how we can contribute to the community. He discussed about various channels where we can contribute and learn new.He gave an idea of the path one can follow to make a good professional profile. Ankit was present during the whole meetup via Google+ Hangout . He helped a lot in making this meetup successful.

In the end Students/Developers were happy to win cool trivia prizes

You can find slides here:

Sagar – Intro to the platform and about the meetup. inaugural meetup

Pankaj- Elevating your career in clouds.Career in Cloud Computing


Inaugural Meetup Announcement

I am feeling great to announce the Inaugural meetup of “Salesforce Platform Student’s User Group” .¬†Starting up with my Hometown Bikaner Rajasthan India.

It will be a great chance for the Students and Developers of Bikaner and nearby areas to get known to the platform.

Special thanks to speakers Ankit Arora(@forceguru) and Pankaj Kumar Pandey(@pandeypankaj20). Also the backbone of event Kavindra Patel (@kavindrapatel) and April Kyle Nassi(@thisisnotapril) for their  full support with me.

With learning attendees will be get chance of winning cool prizes in Cloud Trivia Round! .


2 PM : Gates open and registration.
2.30PM: Intro to the salesforce platform. – Sagar Pareek (User Group Leader)
3.00 PM: Elevating your career in clouds and getting started with РPankaj Kumar Pandey(Certified Salesforce Developer)
4.00 – 4.30 PM – Refreshments
4.30PM: Contribute to Community – Mr.Ankit Arora ( MVP)
5.00PM- Cloud Trivia ,your chance to win ! – Sagar Pareek

Venue: Acme Embedded Technologies 3/503 Mukta Prasad Nagar Bikaner Rajasthan