Workshop in my college.

As part of amazing journey with salesforce,this was another great experience that i had this month. I  got some job offers ( I was on the first rank in each recruitment)  and college faculty was asking to teach some things that i had learned of my own  and share them with my juniors. Plus i got some requests from colleges from Jaipur to organize workshop in their college on salesforce. As college annual function and technical event was approaching

I was asked to co-ordinate workshops.

So i decided to organise following workshops in my college:

1. Salesforce Platform Workshop (With workbook exercises). 

2.A cyber security workshop( to share some tips and tricks they call it “Hacking” and i won’t).

3.A website designing workshop for the juniors to make some cool websites  on php.

From the above the three highest strength was in first one and about 150 students were there. Believe it or not, labs were going to be full , so decision was take to broke down it into 3 days workshop. Finally as i was sure those 3 days were exciting. Beginning from 2nd March to 4th March ,everyone there experienced those things they never thought off ! .Gave them about 2 hours of declarative side hands on time and distributed the workbooks and cheatsheets for the home-work task 😉 Followed up by a Q/A session on 7 and 8th March based on workbook exercises.

Starting up from the intro to the platform to the deep diving i included everything that i can explain them .Thanks to Mr.Rakesh Kumar as he was there to take the remote session via google hangout.

The following was the outcome of the workshop :
1.A group of students (70) agreed to join the user group, they will attend meetings.
2.My story set an inspiration to all and was highly appreciated.
3.I found 60% students actually want to work on this platform.
I hope now they will do their summer training on this platform 🙂 and that will add into their career.
I would like to thank:

Kavindra Patel (@kavindrapatel)

April Kyle Nassi (@thisisnotapril)

Rakesh Kumar (@rakeshistom)


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