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January 11 2013 ,this day i will never forget in my life.This day was really special as i became Certified Developer .Sat with my laptop fully prepared took a risk to give this exam using  my mobile internet data card as my city doesn’t support any high speed internet connection for home use.

I experienced this exam bit easier then i thought of,But at some points it was hard specially those scenario based questions,but i was confident enough to go for those too. It took about 51 minutes out of 90 minutes to answer all questions. I marked 3 questions to review later and then changed answer of one question.

On the 51th minute as i clicked submit. Next screen came up with good news with result pass !. I was in clouds ! It was one of the happiest moment of my life !.

Now i set myself to share my experience and views and path ways to help others, I hope this post will be helpful for all .

Studying/Before Exam:

1.Follow each point written in study guide.Its the best path maker.

2.Make written notes.

3.Practice Fundamentals of Book and Workbook.

4.Watch Training and Certification Videos,basically its the essence to success as it guides to how make your mind and think properly for business logic.(it need patience )

5.Try mock tests and dumps ,asks questions to yourself as what if? what if?

6.Talk with friends and discuss your problems in Developer User Groups (offline or online),there are many helpful people there to guide you. (Yes to mention i was lucky to participate in Sharing model discussion in near city DUG it helped a lot).

7.If anything becomes confusing for you ,try to make diagrams for that…this will really help you remember everything at exam time with simplicity

8.Practice ,practice practice…………………….try every bit of practice,learn from mistakes and keep on doing.

NOTE: You need at least 6 months of hands on experience that will really boost your confidence at exam time.

During Exam.

1.Be prepared with your camera setup.

2.Read the question carefully.  Its really easy to miss the “not”, “doesn’t” or “excluding” and thus end up giving the perfect wrong answer.

3.If you don’t know the correct answer, try to derive it by excluding the wrong answers.Its the best approach!

4.If you don’t know the answer and can’t derive it, mark it for review and move on.  A lot of the time it will come to you when you are thinking about another question.Later a question will be asked in such a way that it will guide you towards the correct answer for an earlier question.

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