How a son of a farmer became a salesforce developer using limited resources

You might have read my previous post How a Salesforce user group changed life of these 3 students this post was about 3 students who regularly attended student user group meetup.
Today I am writing this blog post about a student who showed up in our meetups and worked hard to became a salesforce developer by self study.

Today I am introducing Rinku Saini student of Government Engineering college Bikaner.

Rinku met me in our August 2016 meetup since then he was doing some of salesforce configuration side stuff but was not good at apex code. Rinku used to stay in touch via phone or emails and used to ask questions on weekly basis as he was not able to access internet regularly and cannot afford a mobile phone or hotspot. Thanks to his college’s wifi access he was able to study salesforce after college hours.

He also tried to openly discuss about apex triggers in our August meetup last year –

After reading my previous post he called me yesterday to tell that he has also got job and thanked me about giving him chance to present him at student meetup, time, workbooks and books which i gave him to do self study.

Rinku belongs to Dausa in Rajashtan State of India. His father is farmer. Rinku has economical pressure on his shoulders to get job soon after completing his studies.
His dedication and hard work is inspiring. He has proven that successful people make out from what ever resources they have. Rinku now works at Wakencode Technologies Private Limited in New Delhi India.

I wish Rinku good luck for his future. And would like to thank Salesforce Developer Relation team who constantly supported us.

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