User Group Interaction at Agnito Technical Festival : Engineering Colllege Bikaner

After Students User Group Successful  Inaugural Meetup ,Everyone came to know something is going on in the City. It was one of the first technical meetup ever organised for any developer platform or community. It was 7th of October morning i was preparing for the Inaugural meetup and i was informed that i have to speak at “Agnito 2012”  Technical Festival at Government Engineering College Bikaner  on 13 October. It was a great opportunity as this college ranks #3 in Rajasthan State and recognized as center of Bright Minds, yes to mention here my friend ,inspiration and our MVP Mr.Ankit Arora belongs to the same college .When I informed Ankit ,he was extremely happy and excited to come here and wanted to be a part of this but unfortunately he got some work there in Jaipur  but he did his part he motivated me to give my best .

On the day i was there in the festival there were various technical speakers, all with different topics but everything was the same as the previous year festival topics like open source ,c programming,robotics,robo soccer competition ,making use of some ordinary desktop applications .

But there was something new ,that was a “hot topic” and  it was “Cloud Computing” by “India Salesforce Platform Students Developer User Group”  .  We had maximum registrations in the whole event ,but i knew that majority of the students will be from First year and only they know about c programming and some basic knowledge about computers.It was going to be tough this time i knew that .

I started up with the introduction of the Developer User Group as “Why we are here?” and how they can be part of it .   Then i proceeded towards “what are clouds ? then how clouds are different from desktop applications.Giving them basic glimpse of what “social enterprise “is about. For this i took some simple examples of facebook (not twitter as majority of students had facebook account only)and how they share on it with friends ,i linked it  ! and yes the students were getting it.

I discussed about how everything is going to be in clouds in next few years and it was exciting ! they had many questions i answered ! . The major question was about the cloud and the career opportunities  ,for that we had salary comparison and growth factor discussion , i gave them some examples of my friends working on  the platform.

As i was allocated limited time of one hour ,At last i came on to the basic functionality of salesforce and platform it works and gave overview how they can build their own applications on it.

A very special thanks to backbone of this user group:

Kavindra Patel (@kavindrapatel)


April Kyle Nassi (@thisisnotapril)

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