Our Inaugural Meetup

First of all thanks to all the developers and students of Bikaner and nearby areas for attending and making this meetup successful .

This all happened in the meetup :

Sagar started up with the intro to the meetups why salesforce is giving chance to the developers to meet and create the growing environment. How it is beneficial for the students as they are the next generation developers and how they can push their expertise or knowledge into the clouds. Sagar explained about the changing scenarios how more then 60% of the organizations are going to be on clouds in next coming 5 to 6 years. He explained by comparing the ordinary apps with salesforce apps .He explained the basic difference between traditional database based applications and applications based on social enterprise database. He gave basic idea of the building blocks of the force.com development environment.

Pankaj started up with benefits of cloud computing then with “why only salesforce ? “. He gave a good example how students can elevate their career in clouds.
And why salesforce is best option for them to learn. He discussed about the how a student can make progress by using the concepts they learn in their student life.
He mentioned various resources from one can easily learn about the platform .He gave demo of an app how things are getting done on the platform. He compared the time taken to perform certain tasks on other platforms and same with force.com platform and students were amazed to see the time they can save.

In the break students enjoyed the refreshment and they were discussing about the new things they learned.

Ankit shared his journey of becoming a force.com MVP . He shared how we can contribute to the community. He discussed about various channels where we can contribute and learn new.He gave an idea of the path one can follow to make a good professional profile. Ankit was present during the whole meetup via Google+ Hangout . He helped a lot in making this meetup successful.

In the end Students/Developers were happy to win cool trivia prizes

You can find slides here:

Sagar – Intro to the platform and about the meetup. inaugural meetup

Pankaj- Elevating your career in clouds.Career in Cloud Computing


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