Visualforce Developer’s Guide: A book review.

If you are looking for a guide to learn visualforce then a new guide has arrived, that is well organized for both newbies and advance developers. Thanks to @chamilmadusanka for putting all his hardwork in this book.


I got a chance to review this book(Thanks to Packt Publishing and Sagar Malage ) and here are my thoughts :

1.This book is having 8 chapters with step by step things to follow ,it covers basics in the first chapter to advance level in the final chapter.

2.Key point of this book is best practices  and security tips for the visualforce are also included.

3.Steps are detailed and easy to follow, you hardly miss anything that visualforce have.

Following are the chapter wise things i liked and which i think that makes this book different

1.Chapter One: Advantages of visualforce.

2.Chapter Two:  Working with large sets of data on visualforce page.

                          Using Transient Keyword

                         Considerations for creating custom controllers and controller extensions ( That is         again as i said is part of best practices).

3.Chapter Three: I liked the way javascript and jQuery  explained in this chapter.

4.Chapter Four: Good  brief description about custom components

5.Chapter Five: Detailed discussion about dynamic binding .

6.Chapter Six: Visualforce Charting: This a must read chapter if you have never touched the charting part of visualforce best effort are made by author to explain . I also got good knowledge from this chapter.

7.Chapter Seven : Going Mobile with visualforce? Take look at this chapter, nicely written and explained .I recommend developers who are looking to learn the mobile part of visualforce to start with this book .

8.Chapter Eight: It includes best practices part, that most books miss.

I loved the way this book ends with Security tips.

Why to go for this book?

1.Easy and quick to understand.

2.Hands-on Approach

3.Basic development to Mobile Development Included.

4.Security and Best Practices Included.

You can buy this book from here :

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