Salesforce1 Development [using Google Chrome]-Part 1


In Dreamforce’13 Salesforce1 was announced , a new mobile app for Salesforce platform,that makes the platform easier to use.

Available for :

1.iOS 6+

2.Android 4.2+

We can do development with Salesforce1 right from the Google Chrome browser on our Desktop.

First of all we need to make sure that the user have rights to access the salesforce1 .

In-order to make the user capable to access salesforce1 we need to grant access to that user , that we can do by Manage Users>Users>Edit [in front of that user]>check the check box “Salesforce1 User”.

UntitledSecond thing to do is to allow the salesforce1 to run as the mobile browser app right from our desktop web browser , to do this go to  Mobile Administration>Salesforce1

UntitledThen check the check box “Enable the Saleforce1 mobile browser app”

UntitledNow by doing so we can simply access the mobile app right from our desktop [by using google chrome only]

To do that simply prefix /one/ after your salesforce instance in the address bar of  our google chrome browser.

For example my instance is

So the URL to access the salesforce platform becomes like this :

When we go on this URL we get following screen with a cool salesforce logo


Home page is like this :

UntitledNow if we need to test this app according to the end user device and configuration we can do it by pressing F12 or right-click to Inspect Element.

UntitledNow we can see the inspect element section [Developer Tools]

UntitledNow click on the Elemens Tab and then the Gear Icon [as highlighted in the above image by red squares].

Now settings will open up where we need to select Overrides , here we can change the user agent and simulate the behavior  of this app on the respective device.


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