Winter 15 Visualforce Enhancements

So’s winter release has arrived with lots of new features. There are various new enhancements to Visualforce in this release that are very important for developers, so here are these

2014-09-09 Winter ’15 Release Notes - salesforce_winter15_release_notes.pdf

1. Remote Objects for Visualforce are now generally available with this release, if you are not familiar about these you can follow up my previous post

2. Standard Style Sheets are combined in Visualforce now, this will reduce the number of network connections made during the load of a single page and will greatly improve the performance of a page.The content of this combination is unchanged so you don’t need to worry about references to make and you don’t need to do anything to make use of this enhancement.

3. Preserve sObject Field Encryption in Visualforce Expression, In Visualforce pages set to API  32.0 or above expressions that points to encrypted sObject Fields will return encrypted values instead of plain values. Visualforce pages set to API version 31.0 or earlier continue to display decrypted values for encrypted sObject fields, except when displayed by using <apex:inputField> and <apex:outputField>



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