Learn Salesforce1 Mobile Basics Using Trailhead

If you are new to Salesforce1 platform or want to know how you can learn Salesforce1 Mobile Basics this post is for you.

Salesforce.com has come up with a great learning module called Trailhead, announced in Dreamforce’14 which enables the developers of every level to brush up their skills.

My favorite module on Trailhead is Salesforce1 Mobile Basics.

This trailhead module have 5 steps which gives you basic know how of Salesforce1 Mobile App.

1.Getting Started with the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

This step covers the basic introduction of Salesforce1 Mobile and how to access it. Its all about getting familiar with the navigation of app.

Best thing is the video introduction given in this step.

2.Customizing Navigation

This step walks you through the navigation menu overview and then makes you understand how you can customize the navigation menu.


3.Customizing Compact Layout

This step is important one, this lets you understand compact layouts and how you can customize them or override the standard ones.

Basically compact layouts are the area which shows the key information related to a record.


4.Creating Global Publisher Actions

Global publisher actions lets you to create records quickly.

For example you want the users of your app to quickly create a Case without going into the navigation menu Global Publisher Actions will let users to do that directly from the action bar.


5.Creating Object-Specific Publisher Actions

The step lets you understand how you can create object specific quick actions (Publisher Actions).

For example, you want to create an Invoice Line Item when you are viewing an Invoice Record in this scenario you can use Object-Specific Publisher Actions.

Key Take Aways:

1.Customization of Salesforce1 Mobile Navigation

2.Customization of Compact Layouts

3.Publisher Actions

So try this out here – https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/module/salesforce1_mobile_app  

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