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Everyone around me keeps on asking Sagar you are a cloud computing guy it must me really harder for you to develop apps on it .How you manage to bulid apps? How you put your logic on it . Your applications looks professional and works like charm !

But when i say its an easy task ! everyone says i am joking . Believe it or not its really easy to get started make a killer app that everyone hardly believes that you made it on clouds and to mention “Without code “. I wont say that there is no need of coding . But at some points where you need flexibility in your app you have to code for it .But that too is really simple if you set yourself to learn .

I had some past experience on Java and Php where i used to make some small applications and websites .But the day i started with it was like a magic ! Every thing used to seem easier then it was before.

Today i am writing this post to how get started with development ,I think it will really help newbies to have a quick start.

First of all it is not essential that you have a programming background ! Yes its true.

You can start directly with is the main site for the resources .

I recommend to get started with the workbook:

This will give you a nice overview of the platform .

Secondly you can clear your doubts on discussion boards

It will be really great if you are on linkedin .Be the part of linked in groups and Developer User Groups in your area.

Here you will find all groups

Get involved and learn new everyday!

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