Trailhead : Apex Integration Services

Are you looking to learn Salesforce Integration? Yes all about that thing which integrates another system with your Salesforce Organization. But you are not aware from where to start?

The Salesforce Trailhead now offers a fun way to learn everything related to Salesforce Integration.

The Trailhead module is named as Apex Integration Services.

This module offers 4 units –

1.Apex Integration Overview
2.Apex REST callouts
3.Apex SOAP callouts
4.Apex webservices

The first unit deals with Overview, walks you thru the main differences between webservices and HTTP callouts and then tells you how you can define a remote site setting so that you can white list the end points of the service you are about to use for integration.

The second unit is about REST callouts, walks you thru the basics of REST callouts then tells you how you can send data and receive data from a service. Lastly you learn about writing test class for callout class you wrote in during this unit.

The third unit is about SOAP callouts, walks you thru the process of generating Apex classes using WSDL and then using them how you can send and receive data. And lastly you learn about writing test classes as you did in last unit.

The fourth and last unit is about the Apex webservices, this unit first gives you high level overview of what Apex webservices are then tells you how you can expose your salesforce Apex classes as SOAP and REST service including different methods you can offer. Lastly it ends with the test classes for the webservice classes you wrote during this unit.

Ahha! It wasn’t so much easy when I started learning Apex Integration but now you can So go ahead, learn and tryout Apex Integration Services

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